About a month ago, the Washington State Liquor Control Board (WSLCB) issued initial draft rules implementing Initiative 502 (I-502)(PDF), Washington state’s recently enacted marijuana reform law. You can read more about those draft rules here in one of our previous blog posts on the subject.

Since mid-May, WSLCB has been accepting public comment regarding the draft rules. In doing so, the Board sought to first vet the rules with stakeholders allowing it to adapt and refine the draft rules based on the input received. The Board recently concluded its public input period on the initial draft rules on June 10, 2013.

Today at the WSLCB Headquarters, the Board is conducting a work session during which WSLCB staff will summarize and present the public comments received regarding the I-502 initial draft rules to the Board. The work session is scheduled to take place at 1:30PM this afternoon.

For those interested in tuning in, TVW, the Washington State Public Affairs Network, is tentatively scheduled to live stream the work session on its website at www.tvw.org. It is also scheduled to be filmed for TV to be aired at a later date. In addition, audio of the work session will be posted to both the agency website and YouTube channel as soon as possible.