It looks like the Washington State Liquor Control Board (WSLCB) is on track to meet the first of several milestones in the implementation of Initiative 502 (I-502), Washington State’s recently passed marijuana reform law. According to a tweet earlier today from I-502 Implementation (@I502implement), we can expect to see the first draft of I-502 implementing regulations next week.

The draft rules will first be sent to stakeholders for comment in mid-May. Later in mid-June, WSLCB will then file a Proposed Rule-Making Order (CR-102) which is the notice used to publish the text of the proposed rule and also informs the public that they may participate in the rule-making process. Should the draft rules need substantial changes after submitting for comment, the WSLCB is required by law to resubmit the CR 102.

Resubmitting the CR 102 could move the license issuance date to late December 2013. According to WSLCB’s current timeline, the Board intends to begin issuing Producer, Processor and Retail licenses to qualified applicants by December 1, 2013. So far, the agency appears to be on track to meet that deadline.

Check back here next week for further updates on WSLCB’s I-502 draft rules and implementation progress.