Oregon House Bill (“HB”) 4121 expands the basis for allowing wineries to be sited on land zoned Exclusive Farm Use (“EFU”). The bill, in addition to vineyards, would allow wineries to qualify as permitted uses under ORS 215.452 if 15 or 40 acres of land was used to cultivate or produce agricultural products other than grapes that are used in winemaking, including fruits, cultivated crops and honey. Unlike Oregon HB 3280 (2011), HB 4121 does not seem to specifically expand allowances for commercial activities on EFU land. Rather, it would expand the type of land qualifying for a winery under ORS 215.452. The ramifications of this possible change, however, could lead to more activities on agricultural land. HB 4121 is scheduled before the House Agricultural and Natural Resources Committee for a public hearing and possible work session, today, February 14, 2012 at 1 pm.