Initiative Measure No. 1183 is passing by a 20% margin according to Washington Secretary of State’s 2011 General Election Results website. The same source indicates that, as of this morning, a majority of voters in only four of Washington State’s counties in the state were not definitively in favor of the measure.

A Press Release by the Washington State Liquor Control Board indicates that the agency “will continue to maximize revenue in responsible ways through the holiday season” and, in January, will focus on divesting its self of the state’s current wholesale distribution and retail operations. “By June 1, 2012, all liquor business operations – including purchasing, distribution and retail — will be transitioned to the private sector.”

There are many unknowns that we expect to be addressed by agency rulemaking in the coming months of transition and we will be working closely with our current and future clients to help them understand how the changes affect their current business interests and strategic plans.